Dominik Hadl

technical director, lead iOS developer, innovation enthusiast and an avid event-goer from Czech Republic

This site is still a WIP (work in progress), but will be finalised very soon.

About Me

Currently, I am working as a technical director of the Prague branch at Nodes and the CTO at my own game development studio DynamicDust.

I have a background as a lead iOS Developer with over 6 years of commercial experience in software development. I am very passionate about tech in general and spend most of my free time on development, learning and hacking ideas and apps.

Apart from computers, I also enjoy creating and listening to music, playing board and digital games as well as exploring new event places and events.


My portfolio counts over 45 apps submitted only to the Apple App Store and many more apps contributed to. Applications listed below are only some highlights of my work.

Tattoodo Tattoodo (link)
Tattoodo is a platform for the cultivation and appreciation of tattoo art. We want to share the world’s best tattoos with you.

Børsen Mobil & Play Børsen Mobil & Play (link, link)
Børsen Play is an on-demand news channel that follows your shares in real time. Get the big picture, or put together your own selection of video clips.

Sensio Air Sensio Air (link)
Sensio AIR helps you keep track of your allergies and asthma by using algorithms to understand your triggers.

MyMuesli MyMuesli (link)
In MyMuesli you can mix your individual organic muesli from over 80 different ingredients. With 566 quadrillion possible mixes there’s something for everyone.

Linak Desk & Bed Control Linak Desk & Bed Control (link, link)
This Desk Control App is an app to be used together with your height adjustable desk or bed. It makes it possible for you to adjust your desk and track the history of your usage.

Pyro! for Messenger Pyro! for Messenger (link)
An innovative augmented reality app which adds fire effects to your device camera in real time with direct integration into Facebook Messenger, developed in collaboration with Facebook’s Messenger team.

Amaze Amaze (link)
Experience and find your way through huge multi-level mazes, watch out for the dangerous enemy and try to get your head to move you in the right direction.